Snapdragon Guitars – A legacy of travel

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When we settled on Snapdragon as the name for our company, we knew folding travel guitars wouldn’t necessarily be the first thing to spring to mind. Snapdragons in one form or another have been around for centuries. You may know the elegant and colourful flowers that ‘snap’ back into their distinctive dragon’s head shape after being gently squeezed, or even the obscure parlour game played at Christmas where daring participants pluck and eat floating raisins from a bowl of flaming brandy. (the trick is to get the flaming fruit into your mouth before it burns your fingers or singes your eyebrows).
Maybe it’s a combination of the elegant beauty and fiery sting of these two embodiments of Snapdragon that led the Royal Navy give the name to two warships in the 20th Century.
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The ultimate travel guitar

Snap Dragon Guitars offer a no-compromise travel guitar. Easy to use, fun to play and available worldwide in electric, bass and acoustic versions. Fold it up, take it on a plane as carry-on luggage or just store it nearly at home. Whenever you need it, the world's most portable guitar will be tuned and ready.

Designed and built in the UK, played all over the world

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