Snapaka A2

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Folding travel guitar. 

Lightweight Folding travel guitar 1.76 kg  ( 3.9 lb ) fitted with bronze  strings. The semi acoustic Snapaka A2 features a pair of detachable wings, made out of  super durable polymer, With a 24 inch scale, the instrument has a 20 fret rosewood or maple fingerboard, a zero fret,  and a maple neck with a mini-headstock.

The body is polycarbonate aluminium and wood  laminate composite , the instrument features a passive piezo pickup under the saddle. An additional passive volume control is available on request. Email for more details

Hard Maple neck 
Body polycarbonate aluminium and wood  laminate composite 
Rosewood or Maple fingerboard and zero fret
Position markers pearl white or black on face and edge of fingerboard
20 Nickel-Silver Frets plus zero fret

Weights and Dimensions
Scale Length   61 cm  (24”)
42mm Nut width
Body Width  without wings  16cm ( 6 5/16)
Body Width  with wings  32cm ( 12 5/8 )
Length  Unfolded with wings 87 cm (34 ¼")
Length Folded 54 cm ( 21 ¼")
Width 29.4 cm (11 9/16")
Depth Folded: 17cm ( 6 11/16”)
Weight  1.76 kg  ( 3.9 lb )
Weight with carry bag 2.27 kg  ( 5 lb )

Pickup Passive under saddle Piezio 

Locking tuners (machine heads) Chrome 18:1 Gear ratio

Carry bag 55 x 17 x 18 cm ( 21 5/8 “x 6 11/16 “ x 7 1/16” )

PLEASE NOTE - Rosewood models are for UK/EU customers only. All international orders will receive a Maple neck version. 

Available for dispatch in 1-2 days when in stock.
Left handed models available: Allow 2-3 weeks for completion.
Brand Snap Dragon
GTIN 5060341610424
BODY Polycarbonate w/ aluminium centre block. 2 removable polymer wings
NECK Maple w/ maple fretboard, 24 " scale, 12" radius
Frets 20 Nickel-Silver Frets w/ zero fret
Nut width 42mm w/ captive nut
Pickups Passive Piezo under saddle pickup
Bridge Polymer bridge w/ plastic saddle
Machineheads Locking tuners, 18:1 gear ratio, chrome
Dimensions (Folded) W: 15cm (5.9") D: 17cm ( 6 11/16”) L: 54 cm ( 21 ¼")
Instrument weight 2.1 kg
Carry bag
Accessories N/A
Controls Passive Piezo under saddle pickup