The Mini TraXe: Small but Perfectly Formed for All Occasions

We don’t like to blow our own trumpet (largely because it sounds terrible – we only know how to play guitar!), but sometimes, when you’re really proud of something, you like to put it in the spotlight. So, today, let’s talk about the Snap Dragon Mini TraXe.

What is the Mini TraXe?

An electro/acoustic travel guitar that can fold away into a backpack, the Mini TraXe is one of our hero products. Of course, we’re proud of all of our instruments – we wouldn’t make them if we weren’t. But the Mini TraXe is a little bit special.

Although just 54 x 31 x 8 cm when packed in its bag, the Mini TraXe has been designed for ease of use. So, it’s comfortable to play, even with big man hands. And yet it can easily fit into an airline-approved bag and travel with you as carry-on luggage. The fact that it weighs just 2kg makes it all the more suitable for regular travellers… Which is, of course, the whole point of the travel guitar.

The bamboo body and polymer back are responsible for the lightness of this instrument. The combination delivering surprising durability. But hard maple is used to fashion the neck – because why wouldn’t you? It has all the strength and reliability that the guitar dictates as necessary, while bringing its own bright, distinctive tone.

Why we love the Mini TraXe

The reason you love any instrument is because of the way it plays. Despite its diminutive size and weight, the Mini TraXe performs like a superstar.

The maple fret board and bamboo body combo make it feel warm and familiar to play. Which might surprise traditionalists shuddering at the polymer back, but the polymer is there for a reason too. Not only does this combination bring incredible lightness and durability, but it delivers a consistency of sound uncommon in more conventional, wooden instruments. And the Mini TraXe’s sound is second to none. It resonates so clearly, that you can easily perform to a small crowd without an amp – and fill a stage with one. That alone makes it worth its salt.

Despite being one of our earlier models, the Mini TraXe remains one of our most popular. Largely because it does exactly what it promises. Uniting the comfort and performance or a traditional acoustic guitar, with the versatility of the electric guitar in one easy to carry package. In short, the Mini TraXe is an all-bells-but-no-fuss gem of an instrument.


For any players who travel frequently, but don’t want to jump the travelling hurdles, that surely has to be a must.


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